On relocating

We moved in to our new house yesterday. It was the culmination of many months of hard work and a lot of money. We’ve experienced disappointment after disappointment arising from botched schedules and repeated rectifications by the developer and our renovation contractors. Yet, there is still much to be done but thankfully, we’ve managed to relocate to our own “Promised Land”.

Our old house sits next to a major road that sees a great amount of traffic passing through, be it in the day or night. It is located in one of the most accessible places in town. The drawback is the extensive amount of traffic that pollutes the immediate vicinity, and the result is very unpleasant. Our old house is in need of cleaning constantly. Our old driveway is frequently partially obstructed by the vehicles of uncaring neighbours. The same neighbours also frequently leave their trash next to ours, so the entrances to their abodes are cleaner and less cluttered. The height of insensitivity originates from the household of a former judge, who retired in disgrace, that lives directly opposite our former residence. My former neighbour, the former magistrate, keeps a variety of animals as pets. When his beloved cats die, his maid disposes of their carcasses by tossing them into the monsoon drain located around the perimeter of our house. The smell of rotting cat flesh is not something that my family particularly enjoys. Alongside our former residence, sits another residential district. Although not technically located in the same area, our districts are separated only via the two-lane well-travelled road that I mentioned earlier. Residents of the adjoining district tend to burn dead foliage out in the open. The smoke that ensues from their activities is toxic and at times, permeates our former residence, making it very difficult to breathe, to the point that we experience occasional gagging spasms. When I confronted said residents, they indicated that they are doing a public service by smoking out the mosquitoes found in their backyard, thereby ensuring a healthier environment for all found in the immediate vicinity. Our old residence is also located in an area where young hooligans proliferate. Our house has been broken into on more than one occasion. I remember one such break-in where my late father had to chase the would-be thief off with his Browning over/under shotgun. The loud blare of modified motorcycle exhaust systems continues well into the wee hours of the morning. The sermons that are broadcasted from the nearby place of worship are fairly audible to us, and it is disturbing sometimes to hear adherents of a religion labelling me and my family as “vile animals”, through powered speakers, due to our faith in Christ.

In spite of all this, if one is capable of disregarding the callous and uncivillised behaviour of the majority of the local denizens, our former residence is a literal diamond in the rough. We sold it at a whopping 595% of our purchase price. Praise Yehouah Elohim for sustaining us, especially at this time of financial difficulty. Our former abode also contains a myriad of symbols, which to my understanding, has great occult significance. From glow-in-the-dark five-pointed stars on the ceiling, to a portrait of Mickey Mouse the mason, to a wooden plaque with a Latin cross, we’ve accumulated and tolerated much of the rebel’s garbage in our household. My mother used to own a vehicle that bore a license plate ending in 666. The alarm technician, set the alarm code to 6666 which we’ve been keying into the control pad daily, as we have no idea how to alter the code. It almost seemed like a ritual that the evil one has us do day in and day out, and assuredly I am sure that it was. Thankfully, me and my family are much more discerning now, although we are still nowhere close to the goal of forsaking all for Him.

By His grace, we’ve spent 28 years of our lives there. There are many fond memories of the place, which me and my family will always cherish in the years to come. Yet, it is time to move on, much like how me and my family have moved on from churchianity and false doctrine, to a better understanding of what is really going on in the world that we live in, and of the true character of the loving God that created us all . To God be the glory!