Westboro Baptist Church and the Sandy Hook school shootings

In the days that will follow, in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, more evidence will turn up. Whether it will be genuine, or if it will smell fishy, is of course in doubt but I’m betting on the latter. The families of those that have been so callously slain in this sordid tale of the politics of gun control in America, have only just begun their ordeal. It was, and continues to be, painful to watch.

When I saw a news report on Westboro Baptist Church’s announcement, that states their intent to picket the vigil for those slain in the incident, I was shocked at the insensitivity of it all. I don’t believe in the intensity of the language in their picket signs but I do associate myself with most of the concepts that the signs exhibit. In this instance, I thought that battle hardened combat troops were one thing, but with a shooting that left 20 kids dead?  And then for the first time, I read their FAQ on the church website. Although I cannot accept all of what they ascribe to, I’m sure that a “well done good servant” commendation is in store for them, and I hope that those will be passed around liberally, for my own sake.

Westboro Baptist Church picket signs

Westboro Baptist Church picket signs

While browsing for picket sign images, I came across this gem. I could not pass up on the opportunity to point out a few salient points in the masonic architectural elements of the White House. The sign probably refers to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but it could mean Pastor Rick Warren too. “Whore” is a very harsh word, but I found it suiting if it was describing Pastor Rick Warren’s stance, with his ecumenism and flip-flopping on Proposition 8. I’m sure many will remember his invocation at Obama’s inauguration.

White House Masonic Symbolism

Masonic symbolism at the White House

The notion that America was founded as a Christian nation seems laughable when a passing glance can reveal so much about who actually runs the show.

Take time to understand the character of the one true God, your creator, vengeful as is His right, yet merciful for those whom the glorious gospel of Christ shines upon.


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