The run-up to Christmas 2012

The pagan Yule this year, that will occur on the 21st of December 2012, seems to be significant as it is the end-date of a 5125 year cycle in the Mayan Long Count Calendar. It will probably not be the end of the world, as some people envision it to be, but I am sure the date figures prominently on the schedules of occultists everywhere. Many have predicted a global crisis that is slated to occur in 2030. An excerpt from the article Frater 616, Satanism and the Illuminati, which discusses the deathbed confessions of an Australian adept in Satanism, reads “The aim of the Alpha Lodge is 66% illiteracy rates in the Western World by 2010, and “the destruction of at least 70% of the globe’s population by the year 2030.” Back in April of this year, MIT predicted that the world will suffer from global economic collapse in 2030. In a sustainable development conference in 2009, Professor John Beddington made a similar prediction and stated that there would be tremendous food and water shortages come 2030. We are entering new territory for those that rule the world, and those that rule them, will stop at nothing to further their Luciferian goals. A short period of success will be allotted to them but the final victory belongs to God.

This season fills me with sadness. The Bible certainly pulls no punches when it comes to denouncing the grand pagan hoax that is the annual Christmas celebrations. I have observed how good people from a church, that I’ve attended for close to two decades, seem not to care about the very real implications of celebrating a pagan festival. In light of everything that biblical scripture has to say on the subject, they believe that their pure intentions to commemorate the birth of Christ (when they are clearly aware that it is not the actual day of the birth of Christ, and that it was a pagan holiday before being adopted by Christians) will in fact give glory to God, and negate what has been written in the Bible regarding pagan worship. All of this will be done in our brand new building, chock full of masonic symbolism in the architecture and decor.

I related to my Bible study group that I will not be observing Christmas this year due to the realization that scripture implicitly commands me not to do so. What I gleaned from the interactions we shared on the subject seemed to be admissions that the man-made traditions of Christianity were far more important than God’s word on the matter. They expressed their belief that as long as Christians knew they were worshiping Jesus in their hearts, as a corporate body of worship, we can pick the commandments we would like to observe and disregard the rest if they are not expedient or socially acceptable in today’s era. I am not in the know as to why they think that we need to push the boundaries of liberty in Christ to its limits, in corporate worship no less, in order to glorify God and worship Him. Suffice to say, I have probably been branded an apostate or a heretic by now. I write this with great remorse as I have been unable to sway my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, even though I am armed with unambiguous biblical scripture and prayer. The stranglehold that the pagans and the Romish church have, on protestant adherents is very strong. Although many are now far more aware of the reality that our world is not as it seems, and that it truly is ruled by the prince of the air, they are not willing to forsake the man-made traditions that have been passed down for centuries.

As it was in the times of the prophets, so shall it be in these days. The truth is often very hard to hear. As it was with the Pharisees and false teachers of biblical times, so must it also be with the Saddlebacks, Lakewoods, and City Harvests of today. The most part of Christendom is unaware of the magnitude of the deception inherent in the world today, and is oblivious of the very great evil that pervades our airwaves, governments and synods. The Lord’s counsel for us to be wise is diluted and ofttimes ignored. As it was in the times of our Saviour, the majority of mankind rejects the truth without cause.

I am however, greatly heartened by the fact that the ultimate victory belongs to our creator Lord. A God that is just, as well as merciful. It is only a matter of time now before He sets things right. Seek to know His will and character so that when judgment arrives, we are not found to have been made fools of by those that rebel ceaselessly against Him.


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