I married a mobster – Season 2

An instance of harmerty, one light bright and one light dim. One of those being interviewed is filmed amidst a background with a bright candle and a considerably dimmer candle.


Not my saviour

What we’re looking for is a new fresh voice, that’ll wake up the people and harness their frustrations. A saviour if you will. And it turns out he’s been right in front of us all along.

Glenn Motch (played by John Lithgow) on the election between Cam Brady and Marty Huggins in the movie “The Campaign”

Despicable Me – Illuminated one-eyed minion

The movie Despicable Me must have generated much laughter and mirth from people of all age categories worldwide. I found it to be quite a funny animated movie and it really had its moments, with a cast of very likable characters and a great script. To those in the know however, the movie is chock full of occult symbolism which lead me to cringe numerous times during the viewing.

The main character, the super-villain Gru’s logo shows the viewer exactly who the boss is in the entertainment industry. It is also a depiction of the Masonic squaring of the circle, which I believe has a very nefarious and repulsive symbolic meaning, the attaining of enlightenment via the act of ritual sodomy.

The following scene from the movie blatantly reinforces the concept, so much so that I felt compelled to highlight it. Gru and his minions are attempting to steal a shrink-ray from another villain’s impenetrable fortress. They hide out in an air duct and a two-eyed minion grabs a one-eyed minion, cracks his back like a chiropractor and shakes said minion in a very entertaining Brokeback Mountain style, and the one-eyed minion’s head is illuminated like a glow stick. You cannot make this stuff up folks.