Occult Symbolism in the Tag Hauer Logo

My wife sent me an email regarding discounted Tag Hauer wristwatches today. When I examined the logo, it was rife with occult symbolism, which I will present to you in this blog posting.

Occult Symbolism in Tag Heuer Logo

As you will note, there are 3 downward pointing pentagons, for good satanic measure, and as such, 3 corresponding pentagrams in the logo. When flipped upside-down, the “U” in the logo becomes a masonic arch, flanked by two 3’s, the 33 degrees of freemasonry. There is also a more sinister element to this logo which calls out ritual sodomy.Occult Symbolism in Tag Heuer Logo

See the resemblance? The Open Scroll blog addresses the sodomite symbolism in G4S’ logo here.  Read more about how adepts of the gnostic religions, and the global elite,  signal and perpetuate their unclean activities right before our very eyes in Bob’s very extensive Sodomite Gateway Series.

Stay vigilant, be safe, and may God bless us abundantly during these trying times.


2 thoughts on “Occult Symbolism in the Tag Hauer Logo

  1. Hahahahahaha! Are you kidding me?

    Man, you need to find something better to do with your time (pun not intended). You really think that a designer thinks up any of this rubbish that you’ve “reverse engineered”, rather than just concentrating to create something which is aesthetically strong? Clutching at straws.
    PS, surely a pentagram should have five equally sized points, and as such fit into a circle? Therefore, by your corrected logic, surely any circle is based upon a pentagram?!

    • Thanks for your input Kevin. Your contention that by my “corrected logic”, whatever that is, is based upon a flawed argument. The veil of deception, that clouds your perception of this world and its corrupt system, has not been lifted. I hope one day you will understand this existence a little better. Perhaps more reading and a little less trolling?

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