Occult Symbolism in the Tag Hauer Logo

My wife sent me an email regarding discounted Tag Hauer wristwatches today. When I examined the logo, it was rife with occult symbolism, which I will present to you in this blog posting.

Occult Symbolism in Tag Heuer Logo

As you will note, there are 3 downward pointing pentagons, for good satanic measure, and as such, 3 corresponding pentagrams in the logo. When flipped upside-down, the “U” in the logo becomes a masonic arch, flanked by two 3’s, the 33 degrees of freemasonry. There is also a more sinister element to this logo which calls out ritual sodomy.Occult Symbolism in Tag Heuer Logo

See the resemblance? The Open Scroll blog addresses the sodomite symbolism in G4S’ logo here.  Read more about how adepts of the gnostic religions, and the global elite,  signal and perpetuate their unclean activities right before our very eyes in Bob’s very extensive Sodomite Gateway Series.

Stay vigilant, be safe, and may God bless us abundantly during these trying times.


I had a dream

I am not sure why I dreamt what I dreamt in the wee hours of Monday morning 13th August 2012, and I won’t go so far as to say that my dream was prophetic in nature. At God’s nudging however, I believe that I am being called to prohesy so I will try my best to record what I can remember of that dream here, and hope that I am serving the purpose of the Lord, and will continue to pray for wisdom and His anointing.

I dreamt that my house was rocking from side to side, with increasing magnitude over a small period of time, stopping shy of maybe 80° each way. This continued, and all the while I was amazed. I cannot remember as to whether my personal effects and furniture were being displaced by the rocking motion but I could remember a feeling of terror in the pit of my dreamstate stomach. I looked out the window and saw a man turning a large cog or gear or wheel beyond the perimeter of my house, rotating it from side to side while the house and indeed all the surrounding environs continued to rock accordingly. I can not recall how he appeared, try as I did to recall. I yelled at him to stop, but he smiled and continued to shake the earth. I looked into the garden and noted that it was immaculately landscaped, a long and slender strip of mown turf with manicured shrubs to the left. That was when I realized that that was not my garden. The garden started to fall apart and was torn asunder by the massive force originating from the man’s rotating wheel. I looked up and parts of the roof were likewise breaking apart and crumbling. I woke up startled.

On Monday morning, I stopped by 7-Eleven and picked up a copy of a free Malaysian newspaper called The Sun. To my surprise, this happened. The earthquakes that rocked the people of Iran caused extensive damage and loss of life. I still wonder whether my dream was prophetic in nature. Was a human hand behind the earthquakes? There is now evidence to suggest that drilling causes earthquakes. Was the man turning the wheel an angel of God or one of the fallen ones? I have not attained the answers that I seek but as in all things, to God and our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory, now and forevermore!